Mural Magic: Breath of Life on Concrete Canvases That’s Accessible on the Website

Each mural comes alive with interactive QR Codes that capture rich oral histories and stand as monuments to the African Diaspora’s rich tapestry of culture and creativity.

Individuals scanning a QR code on a vivid wall mural.

Behind the Scenes: Crafting a Mural

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Spotting the Walls

Our team identifies strategic and meaningful locations that would best narrate our intended stories.

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Choosing the Artist

Based on the mural's theme and significance, the Curator handpicks the artists whose style and vision align with the project.

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Narrative Designing

Collaborations between the Curator, the Miami MoCAAD team, and the chosen artist result in a powerful visual narrative.

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Breathing Life

The mural is then crafted, with every stroke echoing the voices and tales of the black experience.

Welcome to Miami MoCAAD's Interactive Media Mural and Oral History Project,Veo Veo, I See I See, Mwen Wè Mwen Wè

Discover Miami MoCAAD's interactive oral history mural experience, which merges art and technology to activate oral histories collected in QR codes accompanying the murals.

Miami MoCAAD launched its interactive public art experience, Veo Veo, I See I See, Mwen Wè Mwen Wè, to celebrate Juneteenth 2022 and unveil OVERtown: Our Family Tree, a mural commissioned by Miami MoCAAD and created by Anthony “Mojo” Reed II.

Innovative and vibrant, Miami MoCAAD's interactive oral history murals stand as new monuments to resiliency, beauty, and legacies of Black Miami.

Our Vision

To Inspire Excitement About Art

This project was created by the Miami MoCAAD team to fill the need of a tech-forward institution that carries forward the narrative of Black culture and creativity with optimism and pride, that embraces the breadth of the Global African Diaspora in all of its complexity while creating an exciting experience, and that is committed to an approachable, flexible and modern definition of culture.

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What is Miami MoCAAD's main focus?
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Miami MoCAAD is dedicated to showcasing the innovative contemporary visual arts production of the Global African Diaspora, leveraging traditional and technology infused platforms to showcase art via augmented and virtual reality exhibitions, interactive murals that are accessible on site in the community and on phones at the website and traditional onsite exhibits through collaborations.

Is there a physical location for the museum?
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While we're working towards establishing a permanent physical location, Miami MoCAAD currently holds programming and exhibitions in various institutions, public, and private spaces across Miami.

How does the virtual mural experience work?
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Our virtual murals use augmented reality to bring art to life. Visitors can use their smartphones or AR glasses to experience these murals in a multidimensional, interactive way.

How can I support Miami MoCAAD?
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There are several ways to support our museum, including donations, sponsorships, volunteering, and in-kind contributions.

i.      Engage with Miami MoCAAD:  open our emails and let us hear from you

ii.      Follow Miami MoCAAD on social media and share our posts

Visit our "Support Us" page for more details.

Are donations to Miami MoCAAD tax-deductible?
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Yes, all donations made to Miami MoCAAD are tax-deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor for specific information on your contribution.

How can I stay updated on upcoming exhibitions and events?
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The best way to stay informed is by subscribing to our newsletter. You'll receive updates on our latest exhibitions, events, and more.

Do you offer educational programs?
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We are committed to education and have offered Museum Youth Hackathons, Creative Conversations and oral histories at the intersection of art and technology.  In 2024, Miami MoCAAD will launch a pilot series of community art + tech workshops for junior high school students in collaboration with Girl Tech Power and the Miami Dade Public Library System.  Among other things, students will learn how to create their own QR Codes.

How do I become a partner or sponsor?
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Please visit our "Partnerships" page for more information on collaboration opportunities and benefits.

How do I contact the museum for further inquiries?
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You can reach out to us via the contact form on our website or find our contact details on the "Contact" page. You can also contact Miami MoCAAD at

How can I experience the virtual reality exhibitions
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i.      The virtual reality exhibitions “This Life:  Black Life in the Time of Now”  and “The Day I Heard the Sounds of the World”  will be available in leading app stores soon

ii.      You will be able to us VR headsets to access the virtual reality exhibitions

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