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Longshoremen Interactive Mural


Welcome to Miami MoCAAD's Interactive Oral History Mural honoring International Longshoremen Association (ILA) Local 1416, which was founded in Overtown in 1936, Miami MoCAAD commissioned Reginald O'Neal to create a mural at the Union Hall owned by the predominantly Black ILA Local 1416 to honor its history, leadership and legacy.

International Longshoremen Association Local 1416

Reginald O'Neal, International Longshoremen Association Local 1416“For 80-plus years the ILA has provided brother/sisterhood, mentorship, and structure in the Miami community. As an Overtown native, I have always heard about the Shoremen and passed by their headquarters across from the “Lyric Theater” but never understood what was going on in detail. As I got older and became a muralist, I dreamt of painting the wall that's on the north side of the building and I am more than honored that the ILA and Miami MoCAAD are allowing me to do so. In the process of deciding what to paint, I got to know a little more about the Association and what they represent, and in The Idea, I attempt to encapsulate that.”

~Reginald O'Neal

Artist 360

Reginald O'Neal

Reginald O'Neal (Miami, Florida 1992) began painting in 2012, soon after meeting his friend and mentor, Alejandro Dorda, who would teach him classically. In 2014, O'Neal took his first trip to Europe to complete murals in Austria, Norway, and Spain, as well as exhibit in a collective show alongside his teacher in Berlin, Germany.

n the years since, Reggie has focused on canvas work, residencies, and murals that embody his community surroundings, experiences and beliefs. Through his paintings, O'Neal reflects the complexity of the African - American experience in his hometown of Overtown, a historically Black neighborhood i n Miami, FL. Basing his paintings on original photographs, personal and community narratives of domestic violence, marginalization, loss and beauty are revealed and shared.

O'Neal's work has been acquired for the permanent collections of the Pérez Art Museum Miami, Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, and the Rubell Museum. His work has been included in exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, Youth Concept Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL, and Urban Art Clash Gallery, Berlin, Germany. Spinello Projects featured O'Neal in Art Basel Miami Beach 2022.

Photo of Reginald O'Neal.
Artist 360

Residents and visitors can scan QR codes and view interviews that tell the history and key contributions ILA Local 1416 has made throughout the community since its founding in 1936.

Artist Augmented Reality Experience accessible only when you access the website through a mobile phone or tablet with AR-enabled capabilities. Use a well-lit space for the best experience.
Reginald's 360 Augmented Reality.

International Longshoremen Association Local 1416

Welcome to Miami MoCAAD's Overtown Interactive Mural. On this page, you can see an image of the mural. Interact by clicking the white hotspots indicated below and discover Overtown oral histories.

Oral Stories

Voices of the Longshoremen
Local 1416 History
Support for Education
Created Middle Class
Committed to Community
Women Longshoremen
Longshoremen Economic Engine
Local 1416 Today
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Mural Locations

Longshoremen Interactive Mural

International Longshoremen Association Union Building Local 1416, 816 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33136

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